Everything starts from myself

Every country, based on its cultural background and the believes of its folks, has its own color, and  the worldview of its intellectuals  are of a great importance in shaping the culture and the civilization of the country.

I am the beginning of everything

The oriental mysticism observes the mankind in the mirror of the world of existence and finds the world of  existence in the mankind, and recognizes a sign of the whole world of existence in the individuality of each human being, as a drop of a dew (allusion to the name of the author Shabnam) which could be a sign of the sea and a part of it.

1981: Born in Isfahan (Iran)

Currently: student at Brera Fine Arts Academy In Milan, Italy

2002: associate degree in Art from Somayeh Najaf Abad university

2016: Bachelor degree in Handcrafts from Payame Noor university



2014: taking part in Collective exhibition on “contemporazing the Mith” in Niavaran Art Gallery

2014: participating in collective exhibition of wall art in Niavaran Art Gallery

2016: participating in collective exhibition entitled “keeping pace with the avant-garde” in Niavaran Art Gallery

2016: individual exhibition “Simorgh” in “O” Gallery in Tehran

2017: individual exhibition  Simurgh in Fondazione Passare in Milan

2017: participating in collective exhibition in Piacenza, Italy

2018: participating in collective exhibition entitled ”nothing and everything” in book garden in Tehran

The creation of this work was oriented by the pivotal insight of ” everything begins from me”, which is a cardinal vision in Iranian mysticism and the insight of great men, such as Molana, Hafez, Shams-e-Tabrizi, Bahavold.

The image used for the work is a picture of the artist herself.

Based on this insight, everybody has his own and exclusive features and characteristics which can find by meditating and reflecting on the dimensions of his own existence and his original motivations (ideas). On contrary to the religions which consider a prophet or a messenger coming from the outside, in this worldview  the individual finds himself bearing a message and considering the unity of his own existence, recognizes the message and the messenger as a one.

The material in this work is ceramic and the third firing technique has been used. The tiles are 5x5cm, after being fired for the first time ,they have been glazed and finally been silk printed in the third firing. The image used for the work is a picture of the artist herself. In order to get closer to my intended concept, I first photographed myself and then transformed the image into four different spectrum and expressions and press then on the tiles using the silk print technique.