Contemporary avant-garde

In an exhibition entitled “The avantgardes of 20th century’s art”, being inspired by two avant-garde artists of 20th century, the method of their work and the features of their art, I presented a work of art.

Pop art inspiration

Inspiration from a work by Andy Warhol

First, with an inspiration from a work by Andy Warhol in which using the face of a celebrity, Marilyn Monroe, had introduced a branch of the Pop Art to the world, I came up with my own idea and started my work. Andy Warhol multiplies and defamiliarizes the image of Marilyn Monroe in a new way, and represents the new world with the phenomena of repetition of the myth and getting empty from the main face .

On this basis, I chose a picture of Parviz Tanavoli, a well-known Iranian painter and sculptor ( who was the ideator of the exhibition ” The avantgardes of 20th century’s art”): combining my own idea with the one of Andy Warhol, I tried to perform a creative game: first, Parviz Tanavoli has become a famous artist, a so called celebrity, in the Iranian contemporary art field. Secondly, Parviz Tanavoli by repeating his works has came out of his personal (individual) world and shows the repetition of the modern world. Considering the similarity¬† between these two artists and combining¬† the two ideas, this work can be supposed an effort to introduce the today’s artistic setting (environment) in Iran.

The used method: ceramic, third print, 30×30 tile

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