Self Portrait

The existence of a human being is a set of fragments which shape a unique entity. And self-identification is nothing but the union of these fragments. The “Self-portrait” derives from my inner vision about myself, about the beingness and the human moods. Nobody has an invariable face or feelings, on contrary, everybody is a multi-dimensional complex made by the sensations, emotions, angers, suffers, joys, sorrows, dissatisfactions and satisfactions. at facing each of these situations, the man experiences various feelings and thoughts, and according to these feelings and thought changes the color and his mood.In this work, I tried to experience my own self


Based on the feelings I had experienced, I illustrated each of those moods and I distinguished them by using distinct colors, forms and texture. Taking advantage of visual possibilities, I strived to achieve an expressive image: some of the faces are cheerful and having delicate curved forms twist in a light dancing way, some others present rough texture and are illustrated by split forms. The thirty faces depicted, in fact represent  the thirty days of the month.

Each of the faces owns it’s independent character, but the whole set is in fact introduced as a one unit work. These fragments are actually the ones that make an entire entity when gathered together and apart from each other they would be incapable to express my inner personality and my intent.

This work is performed by ceramic. First, a gypsum mask  from my own face was made  by the way of casting, then the faces were removed from the mold and was shaped according to my intent. After the first firing at 90 degrees, they were glazed and fired again at 1000 degree.

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